Important Deadlines:
Early notification of exhibition interest: 1 June 2019
Pre-announcement as exhibitor: 31 August 2019
Latest Registration as exhibitor: 15 October 2020

10 REASONS to participate as exhibitor:

1. Exhibit your newest products and services.

2. Demonstrate your research results.

3. Improve your interdisciplinary networking.

4. Acquire customers for tomorrow.

5. Recruit new employers.

6. Show what is feasible with current technologies.

7. Meet Europe’s stakeholder and decision maker.

8. Let yourself be inspired for new ideas and approaches.

9. Contribute to European GNSS evolution.

10. Promote Europe’s competitiveness……

Technical Exhibition and Live-Demonstration

Companies, agencies, and research institutions are invited for a Technical Exhibition, which will be directly placed in the conference area. Around the International Congress Conference the possibility exists also for open space demonstrations.

If interested, please register here