Important Deadlines
Extended Abstract Submission: 1 November 2019
Notification Acceptance: 20 December 2019
Paper Submission *: 15 February 2020
Early Bird Registration: 10 January - 1 April 2020
Registration as Exhibitor: 15 December 2019 – 1 March 2020

*paper not mandatory for presentation

A: GNSS Updates & Policies
  • Current and emerging challenges on positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT)
  • Future developments of GNSS, augmentation services and backup systems
  • Operation of GNSS ground and space segment
  • Maintenance of system and data integrity
B: GNSS Algorithms & Techniques
  • Multi-system radio-navigation and digital signal processing
  • High-accurately positioning w./o. augmentation services
  • Ranging/positioning in critical environments
  • Integrity evaluation within PNT systems
C: Resilience and Autonomy
  • Challenges of autonomous operated systems regarding reliability and resilience of technologies
  • PNT solutions for autonomous operation
  • Situation awareness and adaptive controlling for autonomous systems
  • Resilience engineering for autonomous systems
D: Multi-Sensor & Data Fusion
  • Integrity monitoring/management within complex information, navigation & communication systems
  • Design, operation and target-driven optimization of multi-sensor-networks
  • Navigation for SWARM robotics
  • Cybersecurity in sensor-networks
Special Sessions ?

Do you want to organize a special session on emerging research topics in navigation?  Make a proposal and contact us  dgon(at)ENC2020eu

E: Aviation & Marine Navigation
  • Challenges in safety and security of information, communication, and navigation in relation to current and emerging threats
  • Space- and ground-based augmentation services
  • Threat detection and mitigation methodologies
  • Navigation of unmanned systems in air, at sea, and in underwater areas
F: Space & Science Applications
  • Space exploration
  • Atmospheric science: exploration of ionosphere and troposphere
  • GNSS-based earth observation
  • GNSS-based controlling of space missions and experimentations
Technical Exhibition

Companies, agencies, and research institutions are invited for a technical exhibition, which will be directly placed in the conference area.

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G: Mobility and Transportation
  • Navigation for upcoming transportation and mobility concepts
  • Situation awareness for road & rail traffic systems
  • Mass-Market ICN Solutions and Applications (e.g. Location Based Services, Apps)
  • Telematics Solutions and Infrastructure Components for automatic, remote controlled and autonomous transportation
  • Seamless Urban and Indoor Navigation
  • Protection of safety-critical data & information