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On August 28, 2019 Holger Mahnke passed away unexpectedly for all of us. As the President of the German Institute of Navigation (DGON) he was together with Prof. Dr. Jürgen Beyer responsible for the organization and preparation of the European Navigation Conference (ENC) 2020. The sad circumstance of his death has led us to look for changes in the program commission in general. Our colleagues Prof. Dr. Christoph Günther and Prof. Dr. Michael Meurer have thankfully agreed to jointly take over as new conference chairs. Mrs. Dr. Evelin Engler will continue to actively support them. DGON uses this opportunity to express our sincerest thanks to Prof. Dr. Beyer, who has decided to step down from the chairmanship, for the support he has already provided in the preparation of this important conference.

 „We are very grateful for the support by the members of the Scientific Committees who have agreed to support us in the organization and review process of the conference”

Dirk AbelRWTH Aachen, Germany
Stefan BaumannIABG mbH, Germany
Boubeker BelabbasGerman Aerospace Center - DLR, Germany
Michael BergmannBM Bergmann Marine, Germany
Zahidul BhuiyanFinnish Geospatial Research Institute, Finland
Daniele BorioJoint Research Center - JRC, European Commission, Italy
Martin BransbyThe General Lighthouse Authorities of the UK & Ireland GLA, UK
Jochen BredemeyerFCS Flight Calibration Services GmbH, Germany
Edward BreeuwerEuropean Space Agency, the Netherland
Pau ClosasNortheastern University, USA
Andreas DanklmayerFraunhofer FHR, Germany
Irineu da SilvaUniversity of São Paulo, Brazil
Franc DimcUniversity of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Anna DzvonkovskayaMoscow Research Center, Huawei Technologies Co., Russia
Evelin EnglerGerman Aerospace Center - DLR, Germany
Ignacio Fernandez- HernandezEuropean Commission, Belgium
Børje ForssellNorwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
Salvatore GaglioneParthenope University of Naples, Italy
Alain GeigerETHZ, Switzerland
Vassilis GikasNational Technical University of Athens, Greece
Floris GoerlandtDalhousie University, Canada
Alexander GötzGermany
Christoph GüntherGerman Aerospace Center - DLR & Technical University Munich, Germany
Peter HeckerTechnical University Braunschweig, Germany
Reiner JägerHochschule Karlsruhe, Germany
Carlos JahnTechnical University Hamburg, Germany
Anna JensenKTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
Sanna KaasalainenFinnish Geospatial Research Institute, Finland
Martti Kirkko-JaakkolaFinnish Geospatial Research Institute, Finland
Peter KnottFraunhofer FHR, Germany
Dirk KüglerGerman Aerospace Center - DLR, Germany
Gerard LachapelleUniversity of Calgary, Canada
Jens LevenhagenAirbus Defence & Space GmbH, Germany
Dominik LuberIABG mbH, Germany
Miguel Manteiga BautistaEuropean Space Agency - ESA , the Netherlands
Juliette MaraisIFSTTAR, France
Michael MeurerGerman Aerospace Center - DLR & RWTH Aachen University, Germany
Oliver MichlerTechnical University Dresden, Germany
Terry MooreUniversity  of Nottingham, UK
Aiden MorrisonSINTEF, Norway
Holger NeufeldtThales Deutschland, Germany
Thoralf NoackGerman Aerospace Center - DLR, Germany
Jari NurmiTampere University, Finland
Jon Glenn Omholt GjevestadNorwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU), Norway
Zbigniew PietrzykowskiMaritime University of Szczecin, Poland
Uwe Plank-WiedenbeckBauhaus-Universität Weimar, Germany
Gabriella PoveroIstituto Superiore Mario Boella, Italy
Roberto Prieto-CerdeiraEuropean Space Agency - ESA
Valerie RenaudinIFFSTAR, France
Chris RizosUNSW, Australia
Hermann RohlingTechnical University Hamburg, Germany
Marina RuggieriUniversity Roma Tor Vergata, Italy
Laura RuotsalainenUniversity of Helsinki, Finland
Nel SamamaIMT/TSP, France
Maurizio ScaramuzzaSkyguide, Switzerland
Steffen SchönLeibnitz Universität Hannover, Germany
Gonzalo Seco- GranadosUniversitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain
Katharina SeifertGerman Aerospace Center - DLR, Germany
Jürgen SeyboldTeleOrbit GmbH, Germany
Nagaraj Shivaramaiah University of Colorado Boulder, USA
Nadia SokolovaNorwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
Johannes Springer T-Systems International GmbH, Germany
Sarang ThombreFinnish Geospatial Research Institute, Finland
Marc TrollerSkyguide, Switzerland
Gert F. TrommerKarlsruhe Institute of Technology - KIT, Germany
Jose ValletFinnish Geospatial Research Institute, Finland
Javier Ventura-TravesetEuropean Space Agency - ESA, France
Sandra VerhagenDelft University of Technology, the Netherlands
Peter VörsmannIng.-Büro Peter Vörsmann, Germany
Jörg WagnerUniversity Stuttgart, Germany
Lambert WanningerTechnical University Dresden, Germany
Ryszard WawruchGdynia Maritime University, Poland
Adam WeintritGdynia Maritime University, Poland
Jens WickertDeutsches GeoForschungsZentrum GFZ & Technical University Berlin , Germany
Urs Wildswisstopo, Switzerland
Rene ZandbergenEuropean Space Agency - ESOC, Germany
Frank ZimmermannTelespazio VEGA Deutschland GmbH, Germany